Wine Vision

I was appointed as restaurant manager and sommelier at Eriksberg 2013-2016.  I grew up in South Africa where I studied marketing at Port Elizabeth Technikon in the Eastern Cape and wine at the Cape Wine Academy in Stellenbosch.  My previous employment includes being a sommelier for Crystal Cruises as well as head sommelier for The One & Only Cape Town with in-house restaurants Nobu and Maze by Gordon Ramsay.

Our goal
Wine plays an important role in the restaurant industry and at Eriksberg it is no different.  Our goal is to have one of the best wine cellars in Northern Europe and working towards this goal is an exciting challenge.  We are constantly looking for excellent quality wines from around the world to complement the food that we serve as well as to excite the taste buds of our guests.  Our wine list is alive and constantly evolving.  We take special care when we select wines for our cellar.  We look at many different factors i.e. quality, production methods, effects on the environment, price and very importantly… is has to suit our menus.

Guest experience
We strive for excellence and aim to go beyond our guests’ expectations in everything that we do at Eriksberg.  We are proud of our beautiful wine cellar where we can store up to 9000 bottles at perfect conditions.  Our selection covers most of the wine producing regions of the world and we provide wines from a vast array of grape varieties and styles.  We currently have a very good selections of wines from France, Italy and South Africa. 

Our staff are well trained to provide excellent service to all our guests and we will continue to grow their knowledge.  We also use quality glassware in order to get the most out of the wines that we serve and to enhance our guests’ experience.

Food and wine
At Eriksberg we have the benefit of knowing our animals.  We pride ourselves on serving excellent quality meat that is produced right here at Eriksberg.  It is very important that the wines we select are paired perfectly with our menus.  Head chef Jesper Karlsson and I worked together to perfect our pairings in order to showcase the quality of the food that we deliver in all our restaurants.  

Wine and nature
At Eriksberg we are very close to nature.  We respect and are thankful for the amazing fauna and flora within our grounds.  One of the factors that influence our decision when buying wines is to look for producers who also care about nature.  We are looking for wines that are made by people who care not only about the quality of the grapes that they put in the bottle but also how they do it.  We therefore increased our purchasing of wines that are produced organically or by using biodynamical methods.  These wines are true expressions of their ‘terroir’, highlighting natures influence on the vines with minimal influence from the winemaker.  Wines produced by these methods show great character with immense depth in aroma and taste. These wine producers go to great lengths both in the vineyard and in the wine cellar to capture the essence of nature.  We will continue to go to great lengths to find these amazing wines to present to our guests.

Service and training
We are investing in our team of young servers by giving them the knowledge of wine production around the world.  They will complete the Level 1 qualification of the Wine and Spirit Education Trust.  All our staff are constantly presented with quality wines, beers and spirits from around the world and therefore possess a broad knowledge of our products.  We strive to deliver quality service to all our guests.

Wine tastings
We offer wine tastings upon request at various levels of price and quality. Tastings can be booked in advance and can be tailored as desired. 

Auction wines
We have an excellent selection of rare wines from some of the best vineyards in the world that we have acquired through auctions.  We will continue to search the fine wine auctions for more great wines to add to our premium collection. 

Welcome and enjoy a great experience!


André Bekker
Today employed at Operakällaren in Stockholm